Your Appointment

What to Bring:

Your patient registration form.

You need a referral from your GP or optometrist to enable you to claim a rebate from Medicare. A referral is usually valid for 12 months.

Your distance and reading glasses, your last prescription report from your optometrist if you have one.

List of your medication and medical history.

List of previous eye history including the dates of any laser or surgery.

Your Medicare Card and Private Health Fund Card.

What to expect at your appointment?

At your appointment, an orthoptist will conduct various tests including checking your vision and eye pressure, sometimes taking photos, before you see the doctor. Eye drops will usually be administered to check your eye pressure or sometimes dilate your pupils.

A consultation can take up to 1 to 2 hours depending on the tests required and how busy the clinic is on the day.


We have latest fundal camera which can take photos through small pupils, so we don’t routinely dilate pupils unless suspected peripheral retinal problems such as retinal tears, or detachment. Usually you can drive after the consultation.


We are keen to hear your feedback about any aspect of your care. Please use the feedback form in the waiting room, or discuss with your doctors.